A long time ago, on the Russian TV, there was broadcasted a documentary about the liquidators of the Chernobl' accident which happened in April 1986. The broadcast was dedicated to Academician Valery Alexeyevich Legasov who was a key member and the only 'official from Moscow' who personally came and preset at the Chernobyl Power Plant Unit nuber 4 and took active part in investigation and liqudation of the consequences of an accident. Of cause there were other people who was took part in liqudation and most of them got very high levels of radiation. All of them are heroes and the value of their feat is great and should not be discussed by every sofa-moron. The reason why the program was dedicated to the Legasov is because he was a key figure who:

  • forced the evaquation of the city Pripyat', because the official goverment was delaying with the evaquation
  • took active part in liquidation and personally investigated what happened with the reaktor unit number 4
  • he was presenting a report on the accident International Atomic Energy Agency. It was developed by him and his team. The report which was presented demonstrated a depth of analysis and honesty in discussing the extent and consequences of the tragedy. Also the report has saved the reputation of the Soviet Nuclear Energetics.
  • previously he made as much as he could to prevent the accidents, but unfortunately was ignored by the moronic establishment in government and highly ranked scientists.

This is the first broadcast about him with english subtitles part 1/10 (other parts are available).

At the end of this video it was said that Valery Legasov has commited a suicide on the second anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. It was reported that he hanged himself on a noose that was knotted into a special knot used by sailors, cliffhangers or special intelligence services. His suicide was found to be doubtful, but no investigation into his death was carried out any more. The doubtfulness lay in the fact that:

  • Legasov spent a lot of time in the Chernobyl' and got very high amounts of ionazing radiation, that his skin become darker (like when you spent a lot of time under the sun) and he even could hardly keep the cigarette in his hands. He would never be able to tie such special knot.
  • He had an 'award pistol' a gun which was presented to him. He could end his life by shooting himself. Why to do such tricky things with rope? He definetly knew that the death by the hanging is more shameful than shoot oneself with the gun.
  • As it was stated by his daughter, "the father was a strong person and he would never commit a suicide". In other words, she does not believe in it.
  • Legasov did not left suicide note. This is very strange because Legasov kept diaries of his life. (timecode 12:25)
  • On the tape recorder in his office, when he was found dead, some parts of recorded speech was removed.
  • He left unfinished report which would reveal the real reasons of the desater on the Chernoble NPP.

And later

After a while, the second documentary film was broadcasted on one of the channels which is controlled by the Russian goverment. However, it is not necessary that the film was created by the 'interested parties'.

Above is a link to the film. Unofrtunatelly it does not have the English subtitles.

In this documentary film, the attempt to draw a light on the story of the death of academician Legasov and reveal some facts. Why it was decided to talk about this rigth now? Who knows! Maybe this is due to a change in influential forces. Maybe some politics. However I would like to say something about this.

In the film very important details were raised and even charges!

1) Legasov has (timecode 15:03) seriously believed that the cause of the accident was diversion. The time of the explosion was 01:23:46 nigth of 26 of April 1986. The main reason of explosion was: the multiple violations during the technological works. But what caused the accident? The experiment was required to turn off all protection mechanisms of the reactor. Initially, the same experiment was planned to conduct on the NPP Kursk, but it was moved to Chernobyl's NPP, because the Kursk is too close to Moscow. So the risk of the reactor explosion may take place. So, my question is WTF?
Someone has pushed the conduction of the mortal experiment. The experiment grossly violated 12 points of the safety regulations of power plant. In oter words, it was imitating an accident with unknown concequencies. Nuclear physicists and NPP operators and engineers were against the experiment, but it was foced from the 'top'. The station was brought to an explosion and the NPP operators were to blame, not the one who forced it.

2) (timecode 26:53) The military seismic station located not far from CHernobyl' had detected seismic shocks with aplitude 9 (the units is unknown) 22 seconds before the explosion (according to the witness there were 2 explosions on the NPP). The center of the seismic shokes presumebly was located near NPP Unit 4.

3) The Soviet over-the-horizon (OTH) radar system was located not far from the Chernobyl' NPP, because it consumed a lot of power. This radar was a quite large problem for the USSR opponents. It was desirable for them to destry it.

4) When Valery Legasov went to the IAEA conference to present his report (timecode 33:10) Legasov has received a paper with note made by someone (stranger) whose name we probably will never ever reviel. This person has decided to entrust the secret information about the plans of the U.S. to use the IAEA to force the Soviet nuclear program. The vitness Aleksandr Borovoy (a nuclear scientist) who was with the Legasov at that moment says (timecode 33:23)

"Legasov stopped and looked at me. Legasov said: "Listen to me please. I can not keep it inside. I am feeling nervous about it and I need to tall someone, but you should never tell about it to anyone." We went to his office and he showed me a (list) a paper which was printed on both sides. On one side, the text was printed in english, on the other side a translation to russian language. The text on this paper, the author of those was unknown, was discussed on how the upcoming session of IAEA should be held. It was also said on this paper: "of cause the Soviet Union will make it best to avoid giving any information about theirs reactors". But most of all I was strucked by the end of the text where it was said that the session IAEA should recomend to stop all RBMK reactors on the territory of the Soviet Union. In oter words, stop all nuclear energetics. And Legasov told me "we will break all this"."

As in the documentary said: the decision to stop all reactors would definetely cause a collapse of the Soviet economy and all the nuclear energy market would be controlled by US. Legasov decided to save the honor of the Soviet nuclear power industry. Instead of a short and unconvincing report which was approved in the Kremlin, he calmly and convincingly stated the circumstances of the Chernobl accident and about the reactor. He told much more than he was allowed, but it was this that defused tension. In the IAEA, Legasov's speech was greeted with applause and he was called the man of the year. In other words he won this fight, but unfortunatelly he got powerful enemy who determined his life.

Avoiding the emotions and trying to compare the what we have:

  • Anatoly Stepanovich Dyatlov before the death told in his interview that the there were 2 explosions. He also confirms that the experiment was conducted with accordance to the experiment program and everyting was fine until the button АЗ-5 (automatic protection 5) was pressed which was also mentioned in the program of the experiment. The telemetry recorders of the station has recorded that the АЗ-5 was triggered 3 times. Dyatlov did not mention how many times the button was pressed and probably it was turned on by the Mainframe computer of the station. He mentioned that after first attempt of triggering АЗ-5, after sometime the alarms was turned on. He is not saying about any additional decisions the presonal took and told that the personal was puzzled when the alarm was triggered and twice more puzzled when explosion happned.
  • According to the available information the at 01:23:30 the boiling increased, the amount of steam in the core increased, reactivity and power gradually increased. All three groups of emergency protection rods went down, but there was no stabilization of the reaction, the reactor power continued to increase. At 01:23:38 the button of the maximum emergency protection АЗ-5 was pressed, after which all the absorber rods must be immediately introduced into the active zone of the reactor. This was the last attempt to stop the accident. Instantaneous power and vaporization. The rods stopped after 2-3 m. The operator disconnected the holding couplings so that the rods fall under their own weight. Rods did not move - they probably stuck in deformed channels??? (this is not confirmed). At 01:23:43 The beginning of the reactor's power growing. - From the 01:23:30 until 01:23:38 went 8 seconds which is too small period and it is doubtfully that so many actions were perfromed.

Etc... It seems that the Valery Legasov has paid with his life, by getting too far. I understand that everyone who will try to find out what Legasov knew may costs in a life. The second documentary film looks like a modest attempt to push the truth in the community. In my opinion, this is needed, because only with truth we have a chance to exist in this world, otherwise we will be in a trouble.

It is quite hard to tell what happened exactly because the required infromation is missing to finish the puzzle. What is known exactly is that all really guilty in this accident were NOT punished or prosecuted! They took and broke lifes of many people. Destroyed the nature. Destroyed the wonderfull city Pripyat'. I hope that these people including their relatives have scary karma.

And you, my friend, please spend some time and think about it. How do you feel about this situation? Are you ok with it? This has nothing to do with the regime. Any regime is a same crap but under a different view. If you find this ok, it is up to you. But if you feels bad about it, think twife before helping the goverment.

Image by Stefan Krasowski

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