A tragedy has happened. On the 25 of February the corpuses of a investigative journalist Ján Kuciak (Jan Kuciak) and his wife Martina Kushnirova were found by the polica patrol. Ján Kuciak and his wife were killed in their home in the village of Velka Macha. Police suggest that the assassination could have been related to journalist's professional activities. (the police is pretending to be "captains obvious", well as usual)

Jan Kuciak was writing articles about cases of corruption in the slovak government and its relation to the mafia. He pointed out suspicions of corruption in high political posts as well as connection with the local criminals and some italian Mafia clans.

Despite his young age, he did his job well which indicates the high level of proficiency.

His articles are available in slovak language online. Below I would like to provide some quotes translated to English language: criminals

Goblins to the government office
A few months later, Italian police arrived for Cinnante. The reason was the smuggling of weapons into Italy - for Mauritian boss Guirin Ion.
Iona was boss of Belvedere Spinello, a clan of the most powerful Italian mafia of the day, Ndranghete. As documents from the investigation show, it is also Carmine Cinnante. A man whose Slovak authorities have only known as an entrepreneur in agriculture.
Cinante is not the only Italian with links to the mafia who found his second home in Slovakia.
They started doing business here, receiving subsidies, drawing Eurofonds, but especially building relationships with influential people in politics - up to the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic.
At home in Italy, there were so many problems with the law.

In August 2011, Vadala and Mária Trošková founded GIA MANAGEMENT. From her, Trošková left after a year and later became Assistant to the Member of the Senate Viliam Jasaňa.
Jassen did not want to tell the media where he found a woman known as a model who was also in the Miss Universe 2007 final. He said only that a friend recommended him.
"An assistant I had, and a friend of mine recommended me," said New Time. Whether he was a friend of Antonino Vadala, he refused to say.
From Jasań, however, Trošková did not even target the government office after the year (in March 2015). A year later, Jassan also moved behind her.

Available online: https://www.aktuality.sk/clanok/568007/talianska-mafia-na-slovensku-jej-chapadla-siahaju-aj-do-politiky/

Why it is important to talk about it publicity?
Because people all over the world must know that goverment itself (any goverment) is the largest crap that ever existed and such information should be shared/spreaded widly. The citizens of the country have entrusted a group of people a power to control over the whole country. Not in the reverse! The goverment is just a bunch of stupid managers and not something sacred! If some tells you that a goverment is sacred and its actions should be never discussed, punch that moron and tell him/her to shut up and fuck off. The goverment must never do what they allow themselves to do. Do you understand that?

What does this all mean?
This means that the Slovakia is not safe country especially when it comes to the businness. Just see, how easy it was for criminals to gain trust/confidence of the high political representatives and involve them in their criminal bussiness, and know imagine how easy will be to 'buy' the court and police in thus country? Do you really think that your businness will be safe in this country? I don't think so.

Also this is LARGEST EPIC FAIL! Only last moron would murder the one who cretisize him and afterward walking with a face like nothing happened. You could say: it was made especially for other investigators, so they would shut their fucking mouth up! Yeah, probably, but only if you are a "bull". Please take a look at the investigations of the Aleksei Navalnyi and his team. This guy made much more and he is still alive (thanks to the God)!


The death penalty to the whole criminal chain would be best ending of the the Jan's work! However in humane Europe this will never happen! Criminals will continue killing, corrupting, and stealing.

"Zlodej by mal byť vo väzení a bez ohľadu na to, ako som ho tam dal! A thief should be in prison and no matter which way I will put him there!" (Miesto stretnutia sa nedá zmeniť - Место встречи изменить нельзя)

Maybe it is good idea to legalize carrying of weapons for the journalists, so they could defend themselves, because when you investigating a corruption, you can not trust anyone in the goverment.

“Наше дело правое – мы победим!”


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