A group of urban explorers has discovered a basement under the Moscow State University Astronomical Faculty where in 1950th a primary time standard clock was installed, to measure the exact time and sync all secondary watches.

This was not a trivial task, because the basement was flooded with groundwater as a result of abandonment of the premises by the personal of the Moscow State University. The water was not pumped out since 1989 when Soviet Union was almost 'dead'.

A group of urban explorers has discovered a suspicious building. On the first view, it is a simple depot for the unused items, but it has one thing. From the walls of the building, a masive metal rail protrudes. Usually, such metal thing is where the winch is fixed and used to transport up and down heavy items. When 'diggers' decided to investigate this building, they found a path to the deep basement which walls were made from metro tubings. Because, their being at the premises were illegal, everything shall be done carefully as quiet as possible. A diver who checked the bottom of the basement has reported that there is a manhole which is not possible to open in order to perform further investigation. It was decided to pump out the water. Investigators has bought an electric borehole pump with a hosepipe. The reason, why the electric pump was chosen instead of motorized pump is mostly because everything should be done silently.

When the water was pumped out, the manhole was opened and the rest water was pumped out. Finally, the other room 5x5 meters with tiled walls was discovered. Unfortunatelly, notheng else was found. Some dissapointment was felt however, because the expectations was much higher than the reality has showed.

Anyway, such places has its own 'magic'. Many thanks to the group of urban explorers who shared with us such interesting adventure.

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